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    In today’s business environment, even non-finance managers are frequently required to take quick, appropriate decisions on financial issues. While successful managers do know that the decisions they make affect the growth and profitability of their organization, they are far too often puzzled by the numbers they have to deal with.
BMG Training offers courses and workshops that are designed for heads of divisions, senior and middle-level managers, as well as owner-entrepreneurs and professionals who have had no formal training or experience in the field of finance.

The programmes empowers them with a strong grounding in the corporate numbers game, and imparts a comprehensive working knowledge of crucial financial concepts in a simple, lucid, easy-to follow manner.
Do these questions bother you?
Programs Offered
My organisation makes hefty profits, but we never seem to have any cash in the kitty. Isn’t that a contradiction?
Accounting seems to be full of Debits and Credits, and it’s all Greek to me! I have no idea how to analyse Profitability Statements & Balance Sheets.
What’s the way to determine the optimum level of working capital for my organization?
How do I use financial ratios to determine the health of my company?
How do I go about valuing my business?
Annual Reports are a closed book to me. How do I make head or tail out of them?
Unravelling the Mysteries of Debits & Credits (Accounting Fundamentals)
Introduction to Corporate Finance
Understanding and using financial Statements
Cash Flow and Fund Flow
Working Capital Management
Turning Costs into Profits
Capital Projects Evaluation
Capex Planning
Be better able to manage your revenues, costs, profits and cash
Understand the important components of a financial statement or annual report
Be conversant with basic accounting concepts and terminologies in the corporate environment
Learn the key underlying accounting concepts used in preparing financial statements
Be capable of interpreting and analysing financial statements
Be able to use the proven strategic approach to analyse a business
Know how to distinguish between what is truthful financial reporting and what is financial window dressing
  Gain insights into cash operating cycles and understand what affects your company’s cash flow.
Become competent to apply the concepts in making financial decisions for your company.
Appreciate the impact of costs on long and short-term decisions
The program had a practical element (case studies) along with theory to reinforce the learning, very clearly explained with examples making learning applicable in real life.
  Mr. Vinaya Chinnappa
Tata Coffee Ltd.
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