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cth GmbH, Global eXCursion, Germany

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Dear George,

By this letter I like to thank you again for the excellent contribution to our program last November.

The objective of our program as you know, was to educate managers of German small and medium enterprises about the methods to develop strategies for the future of their companies. This was done through a 14 day trip to various parts of India, where the participants were given a first hand exposure to understand how Indian companies work. They were also given a taste of Indian Culture.

Your session on the relevant issues of the India tax-system and how to set up a business in India was comprehensive and well received by the participants. Your excellent communication skills made even a complex topic like Indian Taxes, easy to understand. The interactive style of your presentation & the way you handled all the questions from the participants, was ample testimony of your knowledge & experience in this area.

We had about 35 different presentations. Each of these were rated by the participating managers. The participants rated only 3 presentations exceptionally good.

Your presentation was one of the three!!

The excursion was very well received by the participating managers.

Thank you again for being part of it.

We will continue the program in second half 2007.

Sincerely Yours

Wolfgang Höltgen
January 11, 2007

TATA Coffee Limited
Course Title: Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Duration : 2 days – Two programmes (Pollibetta, Coorg 14 & 15 Dec 06 and Bangalore 8 & 9 Feb 2007)

I really found the program very useful. I am sure that we will be able to put what we learnt at the program to use and make better decisions.

Jacob Mathew
Manager-Uralikal Estate

Doubtless, it was a very useful and valuable two days we interacted with you.
Needless to say, the program was an eye – opener and it did give us the much needed insight into finance per se.

K. Ashok Kumar
General Manager-Marketing

I found the program very useful and certainly demystified the finance function.

Rajesh Thomas
Manager-Pannimade Estate

It goes without saying that the Program and interaction was really nice and your tips very helpful. I am sure there will be opportunities in the future for more such interaction.

Dr.J. P. Sarma
Chief Medical Officer

The session was very useful and was excellent in all aspects. I am sure that all the other participants have immensely benefited from the program.

M.A. Sampath
General Manager-Operations

The program had a practical element (case studies) along with theory to reinforce the learning, very clearly explained with examples making learning applicable in real life.

Mr. Vinaya Chinnappa
Tata Coffee Ltd.

Excellent presentation and basic Accounting was explained in simple terms. Clarifications were excellent. It was very interactive and informative

P. A. Mandanna
Dy. Manager-Sunticoppa Estate

It was very relevant topic such as personal Tax planning. Linked the topics to TCL’s annual report which was very helpful in understanding the subject.

Sawan Muthanna
Asst.Manager-Woshully Estate

Well Structured course and pertinent to our job responsibilities. Best trainer has been selected. Allowed for a lot of interaction and subject presentation was mixed with fun.

C. P. Chengappa
Sr.Manager-Nullore Estate

It is a breakthrough from regular training program where something useful has come out, after a long period of anticipation.

Mr. Danny Ganapathy
Asst.Manager (Trading)

BPL Mobile
Course title: Finance for Non Finance Managers
Duration : Two days

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The method of presentation as well as the inputs provided by the faculty, Mr. George Korah for the programme were excellent. From the feedback received, the participants have rated the programme as very useful.

For BPL Mobile

Branch Manager
Shebu Raphael

Head HR – BPL Mobile, Kerala

May 30th, 2005

Course Title: Financial Management
Duration : One day

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The theoretical and practical inputs provided as well as the method of presentation of Mr. George Korah were excellent. From the feedback received, the participants have rated his session as Very Useful.

For House Development Finance Corpn Ltd


January 22, 2005

Kochi Refineries Limited
Course title: Managerial Finance
Duration : Two days-several programmes

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Mr George Korah, FCA has conducted several programmes in the area of “Managerial Finance” for over 150 of our middle level and senior executives and managers drawn from non-financial departments. His sessions are conducted in a very simple, lucid and easy to understand manner.

As per the feedback received, Mr. George Korah’s sessions are rated very high by the participants, who have found the programmes very useful.

S. Vijaykumar
Chief Manager (HRD & IR)

December 31st, 2004

Standard Chartered Bank
Course Title: Income Tax - Tax Planning
Duration : One Day

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The method of presentation as well as the inputs / clarifications provided by Mr. George Korah for the session were excellent.

P. Dinesh Shenoi
Branch Manager
Standard Chartered Bank

9th April, 2004

Malayala Manorama
Course Title: Turning Costs into Profits
Duration : One Day

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A training programme on “Turning Costs into Profits” was conducted for our staff in Materials Division on August 26th, 2004, at Chaithanya Pastoral Centre, Kottayam by Mr. George Korah. The participants have rated the programme as ‘Excellent’.

For Malayala Monorama Co. Ltd

Anoop Kumar
General Manager
Human Resources

September 1st 2004

Hindustan Newsprint Limited
Course Title: Taxation and Investment Planning
Duration : One Day – Several programmes

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Shri. George Korah had conducted training programmes on Taxation and Investment Planning for our employees at our Training Centre. He was able to present the complex subject of Taxation and Investment Planning in a very simple and lucid manner, which made his session very informative and useful. His programmes were rated “Very Good” by the participants.

Asst. Manager (HRD)

January 2nd, 2004

FACT Management Development Centre
Course title: Finance for Non-Finance Executives
Duration : Two days

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We thank you for having conducted the above programme for our officers at our Management Development Centre. We are happy to note that the programme has been well received by the participants.

We take this opportunity to thank you once again for associating with us in the training and development of our managers.

With Regards
Yours Truly

Deputy General Manager


TATA Tea Limited
Course title: Finance for Non-Finance Managers
Duration : 2 days (3 programmes)

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Mr. Korah has conducted 3 programmes successfully for Tata Tea Limited to date (14-16 Feb’ 95, 9-11 Jan’ 96, 25-27 Nov 96). We would like to place on record our appreciation of the manner in which these programmes are conducted. He was able to address the intricacies of finance functions in a simple manner for the management staff and the feedback from the participants has been excellent.

Pro: Tata Tea Limited

Dr. R. Sinha
SR. Manager – HRD

12th December, 96

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